A Message From Our Director – December 2016


  • Kev Hirst says:

    I am also tired schoolteacher from the special education field. Each Christmas season I would elicit student responses as to who is the seasons hero. We do a vin diagram on the board to compare and contrast their characteristics and qualities. It would always be, of course, between Santa Claus and Jesus Christ.

    The students had a great deal vibrant enthusiasm sharing their family traditions and I believe it got the students dialoguing about the truth of Christmas.

  • Susan Knapps says:

    As a Christian and a public school teacher I’m so thankful to be a member of the CEAI family. As a pass member of other teacher associations I never received the encouragement and up to date information about issues that concern me like I do with CEAI. You also keep the dues at an affordable price and offer other perks that make membership to this educational association a practical choice.

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