Daily Devotional – A TRUE DAY OF REST

By April 11, 2017Daily Devotionals


Prayer: Lord, show us how to take a true Sabbath day of rest.

Scripture: Six days shall work be done, but on the seventh day you shall have a holy sabbath of solemn rest to the Lord; Exodus 35:2 NRSV

What does your Sabbath day of rest look like? What agendas do you have that are more important than God’s instructions to rest? We are made in the image of God and the Bible tells us He rested. Where is our rest? We need the courage to start resting. We must set our jobs, families, selves, and the world down. We must turn off our computers and TVs. We must stop constantly carrying so much. It’s alright to carry things but not all the time!

God wants us to rest in his arms. He wants to take our empty hands and dance with us. He can’t grab our hands to lead us if we are constantly carrying something. We must let go and let him lead. God has not given us enough time to fulfill His agenda, our agenda, and the world’s agenda at school. We cannot live three lives at the same time. Watch what God will do when we let Him lead. As educators, we have all spent time waiting for obedience from strong-willed, self-willed students who have their own personal agendas and the agendas their peers have given them. God is now patiently waiting for us.

Reflection: What is my usual Sabbath day agenda? Is this the Sabbath God wants for me? What does He want me to keep doing? What does He want me to stop doing? Ask God in prayer what kind of a Sabbath He wants you to take. Obey Him. Take a true Sabbath.

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