By March 23, 2017Daily Devotionals


Prayer: Thank you Lord for the comfort and strength you give us in our time of need.

Scripture: May our Lord Jesus Christ and God our Father, who loved us and in his special favor gave us everlasting comfort and good hope, comfort your hearts and give you strength in every good thing you do and say (2nd Thessalonians 2: 16-17 NLT)

Pain comes in this life. We face loss and suffering– it is just a part of the way life goes. But for those who walk paths with steps prioritized by God through Jesus Christ, those pains are not borne alone. Our hearts are ‘comforted’ by God and He gives us ‘strength’ to face whatever we must face. He leads us to do and say ‘good things’ when we permit it– when we submit to His Lordship.? It is so supremely comforting to realize that we are in God’s presence wherever our steps take us. Even in deep grief, we can be comforted. If you are facing deep grief and loss, let that guide your eyes to the Savior who is ready to comfort you. Receive His peace. Enjoy His Love today. Pray for others who may be struggling and let Christ’s love flow through you to them.

“Lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God. Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other’s faults because of your love. Always keep yourselves united with the Holy Spirit and bind yourselves together with peace.”? Ephesians 4:1-3 NLT

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