Education News – November 21, 2016


UTLA’s Eli Broad Rage
By Larry Sand

Los Angeles teachers union turns down millions of dollars from the philanthropist earmarked for schools that work.

Trump’s Education Plan: School Choice for ‘Every Single Inner City Child in America’
By Michael W. Chapman

As presented on the campaign trail and detailed on the Trump-Pence website, President–elect Donald Trump wants to implement school choice programs in all 50 states that will allow students and their parents to pick the school that works best for them, and the money to pay for it will follow the student, not the school bureaucracy.

Trump: Deptartment Of Education Must Go
By Blake Neff

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump declared that in order to cut federal spending he wants to eliminate the Department of Education on “Fox News Sunday.”

With Trump’s Victory, Friedrichs Likely Short-Lived
By Emmanuel Felton

Though agency fees are a common practice in the K-12 space, in Friedrichs, a handful of California educators argued that collective bargaining is essentially a political act so forcing them to subsidize that act violated their First Amendment free speech protections. Republicans—who have long been skeptical of unions—tend to agree.


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