The Legacy Game – Engaging Lessons on Liberty

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We are thrilled to announce that our crowdfunding campaign in support of The Legacy Game is now live at Indiegogo’s “Generosity” platform. View The Legacy Game project campaign page (with videos) and help us reach thousands of public-school students with the truth about our founding history and the Founders’ intent.

The campaign’s title is:

The Legacy Game — Engaging Lessons on Liberty (

Click the link above or enter the link below to lend us your support in advancing America’s liberty principles.

You can donate any amount (just click on the donate button, or you can donate to a specific level and receive a gift (in addition to your tax deduction).We’re very proud of The Legacy Game program and hope you’ll be generous in supporting this important and worthy educational cause.

Any amount you give is tax-deductible.  If you give $100 or more, we will send gifts to you, once the goal is reached. Thank you so much for your support!

We don’t want you to miss out on being part of a great movement—to teach our children the essentials of liberty.

It’s an exciting challenge to transform how we educate America’s youth about constitutional heritage. Already, over 60 public-school students have shown interest in the Legacy Game program by participating in our online preliminary challenge. You can try it too—at, password “patriot.”

The Legacy Game is already endorsed and supported by Christian Educators Association, the nation’s only professional association supporting Christians serving in the public schools.

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